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Affiliate Disclosure

Hi, there, friend. I’m Richard Kistnen, and I wanted to take a few brief moments to share with you my role as an affiliate marketer here at richardkistnen.com.

My goal is to help all visitors to the site, whether it’s with personal goals, business goals, or something else.

I also want to be transparent and share with you that this website is a for-profit business, it’s intended to generate income and profit, and I want you to know exactly how I generate income from this website and why.

As an affiliate marketer, I earn a small commission from companies AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU (even sometimes at a discount because of my referral) by sending leads and traffic products through affiliate links. Throughout the pages and posts on this website, you will encounter affiliate links to products and services that I have tried, used and recommend as an affiliate.

When you click on these links and (hopefully) purchase, I may receive a commission. This is how companies compensate me for the time and energy that goes into the testing and recommendation of products here at richardkistnen.com.

Although not all links on this website are affiliate links, you should presume that all links that leave this website take you to another website are, in fact, affiliate links. Further, you should expect (and I hope be OK with the fact) that I will earn a commission if you follow links from my site and purchase the recommended product(s).

I want to give honest and candid reviews, and will promote or link to products and services I personally have researched, vetted, tested, or personally use.

To sum it up, you should presume that the owner of this website (Richard Kistnen and/or LFT, Inc.) has an affiliate relationship and/or another material connection to any suppliers of goods and services that may be discussed here, and may be compensated for showing ads and/or recommending products or services, as well as linking to the supplier’s website.

If you have any questions about a specific product, my relationship with a company or this affiliate disclosure, please email me at [email protected] and I’ll try my best to answer you.


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