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Are you ready to FINALLY start an online business that's successful and WORKS FOR YOU?! With the help and knowledge you'll get from the Super Affiliate Accelerator, waking up to $1,000 email commission notifications is closer than you ever thought possible!

But (there's always a but!) before we get there,

let's talk about what is high ticket affiliate marketing.


If you've ever worn a shirt with a brand's name or logo on it, that's affiliate marketing. If you've ever seen an unboxing video, that's affiliate marketing. If you've ever read a blog post with links in the article that take you to a product sales page, that's affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is, put simply, is a sales business. Unlike a traditional business, however, where you've got to create the business, figure out products and services, worry about traffic, converting leads, managing the finances, etc., affiliate marketing is a kind of business where you make commissions by promoting other peoples' or companies' products and services at no extra cost to the purchaser. In the case of doing this in the context of online marketing, when someone buys the product or service through your unique affiliate links, you get paid!

Now that we know what affiliate marketing is, how does that differ from high ticket affiliate marketing?

Well, it really doesn't differ. High ticket affiliate marketing simply refers to promoting offers that cost more. Many affiliate marketers will use a loose guideline as follows: low ticket affiliate marketing refers to where you make a commission up to $100; mid ticket affiliate marketing refers to where you make a commission greater than $100 and up to about $500; high ticket affiliate marketing refers to where you make a commission of $500 or more. Again, these are loose fitting. Where the numbers are doesn't matter much. High ticket affiliate marketing simply means you're focusing on earning greater commissions.

Why Focus on Monetization with a High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Program?

Let's look at two offers that you could promote. 

Offer A is a low ticket affiliate offer. It costs $100, and you earn 50% commission for each and every sale.  

Offer B is a high ticket affiliate offer. It costs $1,000, and you earn 50 % commission for each and every sale.

You've decided that you want to start an online business making some side income while you're still working you're regular 9-to-5 job, which is how many people get started with affiliate marketing.

Between getting ready for your work, travel, food, responsibilities at home, etc, you determine that you have 1 legitimate and realistic hour each day to commit to affiliate marketing.

Would you rather commit your one hour to making $50 for each sale, or $500 for each sale?

You may be saying, "It depends on the conversion rates."  

Maybe. But if you ask most affiliate marketers, conversion rates across similar offers doesn't vary much.

So in our case, let's even assume the $100 offer converts twice as well as the $1,000 offer.

In one hour with Offer A (the $100 offer), you close 2 sales. Your commission equals 2 x $50 = $100.

In one hour with Offer B (the $1,000 offer), you close 1 sale. Your commission equals 1 x $500 = $500.

Even at a higher conversion rate, you'd need to spend 5 hours to earn what you could make in 1 hour with a high ticket affiliate marketing business!

As you can see, a high ticket affiliate marketing business is the best way to start and grow your online business, especially if you don't have time or money to waste!

Now that we know what high ticket affiliate marketing is, let's talk about the . . .


The Super Affiliate Accelerator is an incredibly powerful high ticket marketing community.

If you're thinking about how to start affiliate marketing, The Super Affiliate Accelerator is one of the BEST programs for affiliate marketing for beginners, since you'll learn how to start and grow your very own high ticket affiliate marketing business online in just a couple of months (or even weeks)!

The Super Affiliate Accelerator is also great for more advanced and seasoned affiliate marketers to help you evolve into Super Affiliates!

This program is unlike any other affiliate marketing program out there, and its so powerful because of its unique all-in-one blend of a proven training program, weekly coaching and mentoring from an amazing group of accomplished Internet marketers, and a private mastermind community like-minded and supportive business owners and professionals!

Now that you have a general idea what the Super Affiliate Accelerator is about, I want to share with you my Super Affiliate Accelerator review to help you start and grow a successful and profitable online business and brand, and start making some high ticket affiliate sales quickly!



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The Super Affiliate Accelerator is a membership platform created by Jacob Caris. 

I've gotten to know more about Jacob and his accomplishments, and suffice it to say, the man gets results.

He is a Clickfunnels Dream Car Award Winner (meaning he was able to get at least 100 affiliates to paying subscription members of Clickfunnels), a Legendary Marketer Platinum Award Winner (meaning he's made over $100,000 in commissions), as well as having a $100,000 day in commissions promoting KBB. 

Put clearly, Jacob Caris gets affiliate marketing.

If you want to get a little taste of who Jacob Caris is and what he's about, then be sure to check out his YouTube Channel.

The Super Affiliate Accelerator is an EXCLUSIVE affiliate marketing program that teaches you everything you need to know to start and grow a successful and profitable high ticket affiliate marketing business online.

The program is broken down into 3 parts.  

First, you get the Membership Training Program

In this members-only training program, you get access to Jacob's MOCA blueprint broken down into bite-sized video lessons. 

(As someone that has trouble sitting through videos that are too long, Jacob did a great job to make the videos short, and to the point. No long-winded videos for the sake of having long videos.)

The second part of the Super Affiliate Accelerator program: SAA Live Weekly Coaching Calls

For these members-only coaching calls, Jacob teams up with the two other coaches in the course, Jaime Gardiner and Chris Donnelly, to field and answer any and all questions that affiliates are having. 

These questions may include how to find good sources of leads, walking through conversations to analyze where a sale was made or lost, strategies for effective content creation, and more. 

One aspect I really love about these calls is that Jacob, Jaime and Chris are no-nonsense kind of people. They are there to help people that do the work, and will call someone out when they aren't putting in the effort.

The third component of the Super Affiliate Accelerator program: Networking and Support From SAA Members in Private Community 

All Super Affiliate Accelerator members are invited to join a private Facebook group where they can connect and discuss things that are working, not working, obstacles, and just a great place to meet other serious affiliate marketers.

These 3 components make the Super Affiliate Accelerator unlike any other affiliate marketing program out there today, and why it literally is an all-in-one program to learn, start and build a high ticket affiliate marketing business.

What is the Super Affiliate Accelerator Training Program Like?

The Super Affiliate Accelerator training is a marketing and sales training program that's designed to help you start fast and get to making money quickly. This isn't to say that there isn't work for you to put in. I'll put it simply - if you aren't willing to put in the work, then this program is NOT for you!

The Super Affiliate Accelerator coaches have removed all the fluff, and broken down the training into all of the essentials that you need. The training program starts off with training around mindset shifts that people need to make to be successful in affiliate marketing, including Killing Shiny Object Syndrome, Detaching from Yes, and Diagnose - Don't Sell.

Once you have your mindset ready, the Super Affiliate Accelerator gives you a Fast Start Process - literally, a step-by-step action plan with tasks for you to complete to start embodying the affiliate frame of mind. (One of the most powerful tasks is the Line In The Sand Post! Life-changing!)

From there, the training breaks out into further modules, including sales scripts for 1-to-1 selling, creating a group that's ready to monetize, and incorporating messenger bots to automate your lead responses.

The marketing and sales training you get in the Super Affiliate Accelerator training is superb, complete, and unlike any other sales and marketing program out there!

Best of all, the strategies and skills you learn inside the Super Affiliate Accelerator training aren't limited to affiliate marketing or this program.

Jacob literally invites and shares with you other programs that he recommends as good offers to promote alongside Super Affiliate Accelerator as you build your affiliate marketing business! 

After going through the SAA training, you'll be armed with:

  • marketing skills to get yourself and your offer in front the right, TARGETED people!

  • content strategies that leave people with NO CHOICE but to click the 'VIEW MORE' button!

  • promotion methods to quickly build out your business, on FB and beyond!

  • strategies around leveraging Facebook ads and chatbots to build your group - AND your email list!

  • a Daily Action List so you can hit the ground running (in just a couple of days), and accelerate your knowledge of affiliate sales!

  • awareness of other high-ticket and low-ticket affiliate programs that work in CONGRUENCE with SAA!


  • Questions about Super Affiliate Accelerator and

    How to Become a High Ticket Affiliate Marketer?

    If I join Super Affiliate Accelerator, do I have to buy anything else?


    By joining the Super Affiliate Accelerator, you can rest assured that you don't need to buy any other programs, or spend any additional money on any software or tools. Unlike many other affiliate marketing programs out there, the Super Affiliate Accelerator is free of any upsells and downsells. Once you join the Super Affiliate Accelerator program, you get access to EVERYTHING - all the training modules, access to the private mastermind group, and access to the weekly coaching calls.

    Do I need a website to be an affiliate marketer?


    With the strategies and skills you will learn in the Super Affiliate Accelerator, you do not need a website to be a successful affiliate marketer. Here are the things you will need to succeed and create a successful affiliate marketing business:

  • A phone or computer to create content and to connect with people

  • An audience, like Facebook, IG, TikTok, an email list, etc.

  • An offer to promote, like Super Affiliate Accelerator

  • Can You Really Make Money With SAA?

    YES! And as much as you want!

    There are no limits to how much money you can make as an affiliate marketer! It all depends on how much time and effort you are willing to put in! If you check out the Super Affiliate Accelerator, you will come across countless testimonials from people that, within the last year, have had $1k days, $3k days, $10k months, even $20k months! There is no limit to how much money you can make as an affiliate marketer. If you can connect with people, create content, and share your offer with them, then you can be successful as an affiliate marketer quickly!

    Do I Need Prior Experience to Be Successful with SAA?

    Nope! No prior experience required!

    The SAA team designed this program so that someone with no idea how to create an online business can be successful. (Actually, less experience may be BENEFICIAL since you don't come into the program with any pre-judgment or biases, or any negative thoughts from other high ticket affiliate products!) 

    That being said, don't think for one second that the SAA program is just for newbies! The strategies you'll be exposed to are advanced sales weapons, and will definitely improve the skills of even seasoned and experienced affiliate marketers! Even if you've had some sales experience in the past, in the SAA program you'll dive levels deep into consumer psychology, and be armed with incredible strategies to turn even cold contacts into hot buyers!

    I've Joined Other Programs In The Past. I Was Told All I Needed To Do Was Build a Funnel, But No One Went to My Site. Does SAA Teach How to Get Traffic?

    Yes! SAA will arm you with organic growth traffic strategies so that you can build a successful brand and business online!

    Honestly, ask anyone that's done affiliate marketing (or attempted any kind of make money online), and they'll probably tell you that they've been burned, whether by some fly-by-night software, or some program that promised deep insight but didn't share more than what you can find on a cereal box. Still many other programs present a path to you, but then upsell you how to get traffic.

    Fortunately, the SAA membership program is a fully-fleshed affiliate marketing stack. There are no upsells, nor any downsells. Once you get access to the SAA program, you get access to all the trainings, all the conversations in the private group, and you get access to the live weekly coaching calls.

    Here's what you learn pretty quickly in SAA: first, you don't need any funnels or special software to build a successful online business and brand. Sure, those things can make your life easier if you can integrate them, but the SAA team teaches you how to build this business with a lean tech stack: as minimal as just your smartphone and FB.

    As for traffic, that's what the program is all about. How to build a personal brand with a foundation rooted in authority, so that you kickstart what Jacob calls "attraction marketing." You consistently share your story and your message to people, and those that resonate will become your people - like your lunch crew back in school. They'll expect and want to hear from you, and when you share an offer, they will be that much more solution and product aware.

    With Super Affiliate Accelerator, you can stop leading a mediocre, "get by" life, and start living the life you want and deserve!

      You can decide not to join Super Affiliate Accelerator, and stay:

      Frustrated Man
    • Stuck in a 9-to-5 job

    • You know what your pay is, and what your pay will be. While you get a steady paycheck, acknowledgment of your contributions are limited to a 'tip of the cap' at a team meeting. Your ability to live, buy a house, buy a car, travel, get married, etc., are all limited by your 9-to-5 job where

    • Someone else decides what you and your time are worth

    • You can continue to receive a steady paycheck where someone else has decided that you and your time are only worth $30 per hour.

    • Stay stuck feeling frustrated and limited

    • Was this what you imagined life would be like when you were a kid? You had to set an alarm to wake up each day, sit on your bedside and immediately think of all the things you have to do to get to work on time and get done to receive a paycheck that doesn't let you enjoy your life the way you want? Can't travel the world how you want. Can't dine out how you want. Can't get out from under your bills.

    • Keep spinning your wheels trying to figure out affiliate marketing

    • Cbank. Jzoo. Warrior. Junction. You keep hearing and seeing stories of people that have made so much money online just by creating and posting a video. You've done videos, blog posts, paid ads - all the things - and none of it has brought you any success! You know that you can create a successful online business, and you just need a proven, step-by-step plan to get you there.

      Or You can invest in yourself and in your life with SAA and experience:

      Successful Man

    • No more puttering around, aimlessly trying to piece together non-specific tutorials from YT and blogs. With the Super Affiliate Accelerator, you get access to step-by-step proven training, weekly coaching calls to gain clarity with anything you're unsure about, and access to a private mastermind group to collaborate with others about what's working and what's not!


    • There's a reason why online businesses are often called 'freedom businesses.' You decide how much time you want to put into building your affiliate marketing business. You decide whether $1k a month is right for you, or $1k a day! You have complete freedom and independence to decide how much time and energy you want to put into your business. Where you work, how you work, how much you work are all on your terms!


    • Sure, it's nice to live in your dream house. It's great to drive the nice car. It's awesome to take your family and friends out for an incredible dinner and not worry about the bill. Imagine, though, being able to help others - your family and your family - do the same! Sometimes, others just aren't aware of what they can achieve, and it's our job duty to help them recognize new possibilities for them!

    Some More FAQs, In Case You Were Wondering . . .

    Is There a Refund Policy?

    No, there is no refund policy. Why? Success in this world requires really strong commitment. If you're someone that joins a program with a 'last day for refund' circled on your calendar, this program is not for you. It's not designed for people that have one foot out the door when they start something. The SAA team, as well as the members that have joined (and me, too) are confident that if you are all in, do the work each and every day, and take massive action, you will see massive results.

    What Have Other Affiliates Said About the SAA Program in Reviews?

    There is no shortage of people that have seen success and results after going through the SAA Program. Each and every day, the private community gets to celebrate members experiencing $1,000 days! Other members see multiple 4-figure days and 5-figure months!  

    How About Some Bonuses For You?!

    If the SAA Program is so amazing, why would you need to offer me bonuses, Richard? 

    Very simply, everyone experiences things differently. Based on my experience with the SAA program, I've created a powerful bonus stack that I believe will accelerate your path to results and sales of high ticket affiliate commissions.

    Bonus No. 1: Four (4) 30-minute implementation sessions after you join the program. The first session will take place 2 weeks after you first get access to SAA, followed by one (1) weekly implementation session over the following three (3) weeks. In this laser-focused implementation sessions, we will examine any obstacles/challenges you find yourself facing as you're going through the training, followed by a leaving each call with a concrete action plan.

    Bonus No. 2: ***I ONLY HAVE A LIMITED NUMBER OF LICENSES TO GIVE! FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE!*** FB CRM software (valued at $497) to help manage your messenger inbox. You'll thank me later for this one! I know I've shared that you don't need any fancy funnels or software to make this work, and that is true. But once you start having lots of conversations, FB Messenger can get unwieldy. This FB CRM gets your inbox organized in a flash, so you don't waste time in FB Messenger.

    To get these bonuses, all you've got to do is send me an email ([email protected]) 24 hours after you've joined SAA with the email address you signed up with. Once I confirm some things on the backend, I will reach out to you to schedule the implementation calls as well as the FB CRM.

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